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“Taken” Jack Bauer in meaner

In drama, family, feature film, Uncategorized on February 2, 2008 at 6:15 PM

In this highly adrenalined action film, the daughter of an ex-Special Forces agent goes in a trip with her friend to France. Arrived there, they get kidnapped as the daughter, hidden under the bed describes what’s happening to her father, on the phone. He will be ready to do anything to get his daughter back, even to put Paris on fire. If the mix of American actors and French ones is a bit awkward by moment ( two different acting schools), it is well covered by spectacular scenes and a dynamic edit. The path of the film and the fighting skills of Liam Neeson, reminds of Jack Bauer in “24” but angrier. Before being a director, Pierre Morel has been a cinematographer and camera operator for several Europa Corp productions. “Taken” is his second feature, the first being “District 13”.

“Taken” directed by Pierre Morel, the last EuropaCorp ( Luc Besson) production will be released end of February.