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I walk ” Into The Wild”….

In drama, family, feature film on January 13, 2008 at 11:19 AM

poster  Based on a true story, “Into The Wild” narrates the introspective journey of Christopher ( 23) in quest of happiness and what makes it reel. He back packs through the USA, meeting all kind of people, affecting their life in some ways.  Like in ” I am Legend,  “Into the Wild” deals with a character who’s by himself in a deserted environment. Thus the use of parallel editing is more than justified. It allows  to show the reasons why he left for this journey, and who he met until he arrives to his final destination: Alaska. Also, it allows to dynamize the moments of loneliness and contemplations. ” Into The Wild” invites to see what’s happening in the outside world to find who we are.


“I am Legend”, The last man on earth

In drama, family, feature film, horror, psychological on January 3, 2008 at 2:38 PM



“I am Legend” is the second feature film of Francis Lawrence, important music videos director ( Britney Spears, Aerosmith) but also of “Constantine”. “Legend” starring Will Smith who plays the role of the last man on Earth, scientist still searching for a cure to a virus (created by the Man) that annihilated Earth. 

In this new film, Lawrence approaches the theme of the last man on earth. “legend”, coming from Latin “legenda” or ” thing to be read”, shows well the projection of the audience in the future and the not-to-far status of the man. The film is intercut between scenes of  Robert Neville’s lonely daily life in NYC, trying to find a cure, an between flashbacks showing the end of the days. The showing a NYC full of life ( flashbacks), next to a completely empty one with wilderness taking over the city, creates a very interesting contrast.

This film shows the Man should fear himself more than the end of times, or the Sun extinction.