“The Moonlit Road”, a modern tale adaptation

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The Moonit Road official poster

When Ambrose Bierce wrote “The Moonlit Road” in 1907, he surely did not think it would have been adapted into a modern motion picture a hundred years later. Young director Leor Baum adapted and directed what is now a modern tale adaptation. Modern yet poetic, the audience is taken through several time travels. Different families inhabiting the same space at different times, but facing the same problem: the divided family. Young French cinematographer Sebastien Hameline contributed to the look of the film, giving it an atmospherical look, and at the same time dynamic. Keeping this current subject of family issue mixed with ghost stories and lyricism, Leor Baum gives us a breeze of freshness ( and spookyness), in today’s short films. Trailer at

  1. This looks good and, God knows, we could do with a supernatural movie that doesn’t feature bloodbaths and a body count in the hundreds. Horror is cerebral and when will the idiots who make these abominations figure that out? Roman Polanski’s best films scare me far more than any Rob Zombie offering. I shudder when I pass through the new release section of our local video store, the covers on the DVD’s make me sick–there’s no subtlety or grace to today’s horror films and that’s a shame. It’s a terrific genre that has, well, gone to Hell…

  2. I saw the trailer on their Myspace page, looks awesome! Any idea when it will be screen?

  3. Rumors about a screening in Los Angeles in the upcoming months. We will keep you posted!

  4. Haven’t really seen this yet but my friend told me all about it. She helped with art direction for a few days and told me the book or story they made this from is really crazy. I got lazy about reading it but I saw the teaser on myspace. That actor sorta looks like shia labeouf. Bugged her to get me a copy but she didn’t get hers yet because there’s some new version they’re working on still. Whatever, it looks good from what I’ve seen.

  5. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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