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Eastern Promises

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Easter Promises

David Cronenberg’s Eastern Promises portraits the relations within the slavic mafia. After the birth of a baby whose mother died giving life to her, a foreign nurse tries to find the family of this newly born, without knowing where she is puting her feet into. Beautifully photographed by long time Cronenberg’s DP Peter Suschitzky, he gives the cold look of the Eastern Europe feel. A long research on the tattoos used in the film, has been done on Viggo Mortensen’ s suggestion during his own research for the role. Featuring Viggo Mortensen, Naomi Watts, and French actor Vincent Cassel.


“The Moonlit Road”, a modern tale adaptation

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The Moonit Road official poster

When Ambrose Bierce wrote “The Moonlit Road” in 1907, he surely did not think it would have been adapted into a modern motion picture a hundred years later. Young director Leor Baum adapted and directed what is now a modern tale adaptation. Modern yet poetic, the audience is taken through several time travels. Different families inhabiting the same space at different times, but facing the same problem: the divided family. Young French cinematographer Sebastien Hameline contributed to the look of the film, giving it an atmospherical look, and at the same time dynamic. Keeping this current subject of family issue mixed with ghost stories and lyricism, Leor Baum gives us a breeze of freshness ( and spookyness), in today’s short films. Trailer at

Welcome on The Indie Film Reviewer

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Passionate film lovers writing about films . What to see. Who to discover. There are so many films released every week around the world, it is hard to process all these new materials. IFR is here for that. From short films to features. We’re currently looking for some extra help to review films so, don’t hesitate to write us!